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Our Main Network Center
Our Securer Network Center is located in Pihana in Honolulu, Hawaii





2950 Kress Street

Lihue Kauai

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Hawaii Link

Hawaii Wireless & Broadband LLC

iSpot Wireless

email: info@hawaiilink.net


Office Location:

2950 Kress Street, Lihue, Hawaii 96766


Business Hours:

Office Hour: 10am-6pm M-F/9am-12noon Sat

Tech Support Hour: 9am-9pm everyday


Phone Numbers:

office: (808) 246-9300

tech-support direct: John Sydney & (808) 346-1622
SMS: 702-714-0204


Mailing Address:

PO Box 3090
Lihue, HI 96766



Service Information
info@hawaiilink.net : if you have any question about our service, availability, pricing etc.


Technical Support
jsy@hawaiilink.net : for any technical issue, we have high-skilled Senior IT Manager to assist your technical issue.


Billing Inquiry
billing@hawaiilink.net or 808-246-9300 ext 201: any question for the bill? 


Wireless Hot Spot Information
info@hawaiilink.net: question about iSpot. Wanna become an iSpot?


Business Support
info@hawaiilink.net: contact us for any business inquiry


IT Partner Information
info@hawaiilink.net we are always door opened for work together someone who have passion for creating super IT solutions.  Give us your comment!


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