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10am-6pm (M-F)

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phone (808) 246-9300
fax (808) 632-0303


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9am-9pm (everyday)

(808) 246-9300

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Harbor Mall 210

3501 Rice Street

Lihue, HI 96766

(across from Kauai Marriott)







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Online Tech Support

Please contact our tech-support at 246-9300 or 651-7964


Sorry, online support page is under the construction.

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bulletAdvance Help  (incl. FTP, Telnet information)


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bulletAdvance Help


:: Web Site Upload Settings (FTP)

To access your FTP account to upload or download web pages, use the following settings in your FTP program:



Server name is: hawaiibroadband.net 


User name is your username (this is the same as the first part of your e-mail address before the @ symbol).


Password is your password (same as your e-mail password).  


Directory (sometimes called remote directory) is: public_html


Now initiate the connection. You may now upload and download files as you please.
Please remember that when you are uploading or downloading files, hawaiibroadband.net assumes absolutely no responsibility for the integrity of your web site or data.


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:: UNIX Telnet Access (TELNET)
To establish a Telnet connection to our server and to view your email or get a directory listing of your account in our system follow the steps below:


Make sure you are connected either Dialup or DSL.


Select [Start] [Run] on the Open: prompt type in   ' telnet hwb.us  '


You should now have a Unix prompt.


type in the word '  pine '  and hit ENTER


Follow the instructions on the PINE (Unix Text Based Email application)


To do a directory listing in your directory:


On the command prompt type  ' dir '  (without the quotes).


to Exit the terminal session type in ' exit ' and ENTER.


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