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Download a FREE 14-day trial of Hawaii Link TURBO. At any time during your trial period, you may convert your trial into a HawaiiLink TURBO Subscription at a cost of only $5.95 per month. You may do this by returning to the “Buy!” Section of this web site or by clicking on the “Buy!” button in the confirmation e-mail that you will receive. To request CD call 808-246-9300 or email to info@hawaiilink.net
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Hawaii Link TURBO is an incredible new service that dramatically increases web browsing speeds without any special equipment, hardware or additional telephone services. And if you have a dial line, this amazing service is available to you right now! No matter where you live!

Buy Hawaii Link TURBO now and make your connection blazing fast for a low price of just $5.95 / month! You can also try before you buy and download a free 14-day trial of Hawaii Link TURBO. Once you try Hawaii Link TURBO and see the benefits of this innovative product, you'll never want to use standard dial-up Internet access again.

:: Minimum System Requirements ::

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  • Speed, speed and more speed!
    HawaiiLink TURBO "turbo-charges" your dial line performance and lets you browse the web at close to DSL speeds.

  • Easy to get - easy to install
    HawaiiLink TURBO is available by simple download or via CD. In a matter of minutes, you are up and running and enjoying new-found speed. To request CD, simply contact us at (808) 246-9300 or email us to info@hawaiilink.net

  • Works with existing ISP and e-mail account
    HawaiiLink TURBO works with most ISPs and browsers so you won’t need to change your ISP or your current e-mail address to begin enjoying HawaiiLink TURBO’s speed. However, HawaiiLink Customer will receive special discount price to subscribe HawaiiLink TURBO.

  • Delivers the speed and everything else you need
    In addition to speed, HawaiiLink TURBO protects you and your family as you surf the web with an ultra-secure firewall and parental content control.

  • AD blocking
    Are you tired of the constant intrusion of Internet advertising? HawaiiLink TURBO blocks these annoying ads including "pop-ups" to enhance your Internet experience.

  • Portable Broadband - available everywhere
    HawaiiLink TURBO is available anywhere there’s a telephone, cellular phone or wireless connection, so now you can enjoy high-speed Internet access from work, home, while on the road, or even on vacation.

  • Low monthly charge - subscription-base service
    Unlike cable and DSL services which can be quite expensive, HawaiiLink TURBO is a cost-effective, subscription-based service with a low monthly fee.

  • How fast is it?
    HawaiiLink Turbo uses patent-pending technology and optimization techniques to provide DSL speed over a single dial-up line. Going way beyond competitive products that tweak Windows settings to provide a speed boost or caching products that speed up only frequently visited pages, HawaiiLink TURBO delivers consistent speed improvements in real life Internet usage scenarios. HawaiiLink TURBO speeds up all browsing activities including web surfing, web-based e-mail (e.g. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail) and web-based file transfer. HawaiiLink TURBO is true "Virtual Broadband", providing DSL speed over a dial-up connection, at a very low monthly cost.

    Unlike competitive products that rely largely on one or two techniques and only enhance speeds of frequently visited sites, HawaiiLink TURBO uses patent-pending optimization technologies to dramatically increase speeds during normal Internet use. Market research on Internet usage patterns shows that:

    On average, 8 out of 10 websites are visited by a user on a regular basis and 2 out of 10 sites are new sites, visited for the first time, 75% of all Internet activity is spent on browsing or surfing. HawaiiLink TURBO’s numerous optimization techniques deliver unparalleled speed in typical Internet usage scenarios.
    Extensive benchmarking was done on the product and the results were nothing less than astounding:
    "Approximate five (5) times speed increase over a typical 56K dial-up connection—the equivalent of DSL over a dial-up line

    65% reduction in amount of data (bytes) sent and received.

  • Minimum System Requirements
    Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
    64M RAM
    PII, PIII, PIV, Celeron 500
    200 MB free disk space
    Dial-up Internet connection