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On January 11, 2002, Sydney went to Oahu for his Rotary Club meeting.  Along the way home he stop by a pet shop and found a little puppy.  This cute little furry guy is an Australian Silky Terrier and his name is Cookie.

The Australian Connection:  It must have been destiny for Yuko, Sydney and Cookie since they all had something Australian to link us together.   Yuko's favorite pedant is a small gold Koala bear which she wore all the time when she was dating Sydney.  Sydney's name came from the Australia's capital city Sydney.  And to make it all fit.  Cookie and Sydney share the same birth date! Sydney's birthday is November 8.  And Cookie's birth certificate indicates that Cookie was born on November 8, 2001.

Yuko also thinks that they both have an innocence that she finds that is very cute and attractive.

As Cookie continues to grow and mature his hair gets longer and silky.  It gets silkier if he gets groomed regularly. 

Yuko love to groom Cookie so much she even share his "Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner".  It make her hair smooth and silky too!

Cookie is always fun to be with and he brings us lots of laughter and joy! 


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