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Yuko on the other hand began to discover about Sydney's dedication to community and became impressed by his innocence in helping others.  That evening after successfully getting all the Wireless and network cards to work in her office both were saying their goodbyes.... then they gave each other a very quick goodbye kiss, that first special kiss which was only a few magical seconds long soon hit both of them.  Sydney felt that warm fuzzy and Yuko felt the same way too.    Sydney immediately became very interested learning more about Yuko. After several dinners and romantic walks at the Marriott grounds, both agreed to date and became much more intimate.

In March 2001, Sydney met Yuko at her office when she called him up to help her install wireless network in her office .  Her computer situation became very complicated when Yuko decided to have it all hooked up to Wireless LAN cards that she just had purchased.  Sydney at that time also had interest in learning about Wireless networking and didn't mind staying late to help Yuko out with putting it all together. The both of them ended up meeting at the office for the next 3 days trying to make it work. Sometimes taking long hours because those Wireless network cards were just to confusing to configure or maybe it was Sydney being confused because he was being distracted by Yuko beautiful smile?


Sydney and Yuko has so much in common.  Yuko loves to learn about the computer industry and one of their favorite trips is COMDEX.


Sydney continues to enjoy love and life with Yuko during their first Christmas together.

Sydney did get to learn about Yuko and the things she does, he was impressed by all of her work at the office and somehow found themselves talking about relationships and love.  Yuko is from Japan and have moved to Kauai and lived for over 12 years. Yuko was divorced for several years and was all out of love. Sydney himself was always alone and never found that match. After couple of dinners, he really got to learn a lot about this girl Yuko and realized that they both have that same drive for life. Sydney loves Yuko because she has all the qualities of a smart mature minded women which he instantly admire and not to mention she is beautiful!


One special evening Yuko and Sydney went out to dinner and both of them talked about her life stories and dreams that evening both of them realize that they were meant for each other.



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