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Yuko & Sydney

Our Honeymoon Photo Gallery

  Oct 19-20 Tahiti   Oct 20-26 Bora Bora   Oct 26-27 Tahiti


at Lihue Airport

Leaving for Papeete, Tahiti!


check in to Tahiti Beachcomber Hotel



Beautiful Moorea view from Hotel


The most romantic restaurant in Tahiti

"Le Lotus".  Dinner with sound of ocean



Shopping at Papeete market place

Going to Bora Bora


Flower decorated bed for our check in

at Bora Bora Beachcomber Hotel

Pop Champagne for our honeymoon

in Bora Bora


Our Bungalow #12

Bora Bora island cruise

by little cart


Lunch at famous Bloody Mary's


The real Tahitian Fire show!


Sydney & local dancers

Yuko with Bora Bora moon...


Bora Bora sunrise form our deck

checking fishes from our private deck



Breakfast at our bungalow

Breakfast at our bungalow



snorkel by the bungalow

crystal clear water!

Our bungalow comes with private deck

where we can jump into water



floating in South Pacific Ocean

Yuko is checking around her bungalow



shark feeding & lagoonarium trip

many fishes including sharks & stingrays



found turtle and stingray swimming together

cool down in fresh water pool

at the our Hotel in Bora Bora



Yuko & bungalows

Yuko & bungalows



Black pearl show at hotel

showing 15mm necklace

Polynesian dinner at Noa Noa Restaurant

in Bora Bore Beachcomber



gourmet dinner while enjoying

Tahitian entertainment

old style Tahitian dance by "mamas"



Tahitian Trio music

all sit on the ground

showing Tahitian quilt

hand made by Mamas



plenty lei & hei from mamas

Sydney caught a fish

fishing at bungalow's deck



another beautiful full moon

our bungalow with moon



went to Vaitape town

for lunch

Cocotier restaurant

had yummy shrimp coconut curry



see the ocean through glass coffee table

Yuko is feeding fishes


fishes like French bread!



leaving Bora Bora

going back to Tahiti



"Le Rotto" in Papeete

gorgeous Papeete's sunset



Sydney in sunset Papeete harbor

Yuko in sunset Papeete harbor



last night of our honeymoon

it was Tahiti Carnival!

Tahitian samba dancers




more float



Had greatest honeymoon of all!

We had wonderful time!



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